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Crystal Salt

Important Things to Know to Make the Most of Your Visit ...

Come Comfy: No special clothing is needed to enjoy the benefits of the cave. Some patrons prefer yoga pants and a t-shirt, or shorts and a tank top for maximum skin exposure. It’s also fine to arrive in your work clothes. We recommend you wear something that helps you relax to get the most from your visit. Shoe covers are provided for all patrons. If you would like to go sock footed, please bring a fresh pair of clean socks with you.

Inside the Salt Cave: Every patron receives their own comfortable, reclining chair, as well as having the option to sit in the salt directly. You’ll find the low-light ambience and soft music within the cave extremely relaxing. In fact, it’s quite common to fall asleep. And that’s perfectly okay!  Deep, regular breathing while resting helps the salt particles do their job. 


* Please note that neither food nor beverages are permitted inside the cave.

Our dedicated Children's Therapy window is from 3-3:30 pm daily. Pricing starts at $25 per child with an accompanying adult.  Additional children are welcome at $5 per child. Please book this custom service online and we'll arrange payment details from there. Thank you! 

Post Therapy: It’s very important to drink plenty of water following your session. We’ll provide you with a bottle of water on your way out. You may notice a little cough during the day. This is normal. The salt is doing its job to help transport mucus out. You may also notice that your eyes seem a little dry. Rinsing or using drops can offer immediate relief.

Products: We carry a very select inventory of products that help with breathing, congestion, skin conditions, and inflammation. We only sell what we love and have had great results with personally! Our shop brings together some of the best remedies from all over the world, as well as locally sourced.

Payment Options: In addition to credit cards, we accept checks and cash on site. 

Of Note: If the cost of salt therapy feels out of reach to you, please contact us to see if we can find a way to make it work.

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