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Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday

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Meet Amelia
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   Sen Bridge Wellness Center

Welcome to our healing oasis!

Sen Bridge Wellness – located in scenic Greene, NY – is a

Dry Salt Halotherapy Center committed to alleviating respiratory and dermal challenges in a stunningly unique setting.

Our beautiful “cave” atmosphere, cozy reclining chairs, soft lighting, and amazing surround sound system offer a deeply relaxing escape, while enjoying the benefits of halotherapy.

With a multi-generational service focus, Sen Bridge provides customized wellness experiences for adults, teens and children.

Why Naturopathy

Why Halotherapy ~ Dry Salt Therapy?

We love our gorgeous Upstate NY scenery, but it’s only made possible by millions of flowering, pollinating plants and trees, mold spores, and cold, wet months sheltering indoors with heating systems – all of which wreak havoc on our sinuses and skin


Wet Salt Therapy- you probably already know! Gargling with warm salt water is an old tried-and-true treatment for a sore throat. Saline mist sprays are used in infants and adults to loosen stuffy noses, and many physicians now recommend saline nasal rinses for their patients with allergies, congestion, and sinus infections.

Dry Salt Therapy has also existed for a long time in nature. Doctors have prescribed breathing ocean air to patients suffering from asthma and other upper respiratory ailments since the 1700’s. The Lung Association today and many studies back that up. As far back as the 1800’s, Europeans have frequented salt mines to help clear up breathing problems.

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Aerial view of picturesque Greene, New York
Photo Credit: Michael Utter

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When inhaled in a controlled environment, dry salt cleanses, purifies and removes the buildup of foreign elements from the respiratory tract that lead to various respiratory conditions.


Non-inhaled salt particles landing on the skin help balance PH and induce the reparative and regenerative processes in the derma, increasing stimulating cell growth and micro circulation. 

While salt doesn’t kill viruses when you’re sick, it does have a mucolytic effect, which means it attracts mucus, thins it, and helps transport it out. Salt also has anti-inflammatory and some anti-bacterial effects.

Sen Bridge Wellness is committed to providing a safe and comfortable way to explore the healing properties Halotherapy provides.

Sen Bridge Wellness Owners: Nicole, José with son Julian

Halotherapy is beneficial for the treatment of the following symptoms, plus many others ...

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COPD, Bronchitis

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Relax + Rejuvinate

CLICK HERE​ to learn more about our recommended treatment courses for Rejuvenation

How Does it Work?

Halotherapy is possible through a device called a Halogenerator, which grinds and disburses salt particles into a designated area.

The Halogenerator has a sophisticated program that provides the optimal amount of salt in the right increments based on the number of patrons in the room and the specific therapy desired. At times, you may hear the small motor and fan engage and then rest.


During your entire session, the air will be saturated with microscopic salt. You will even be able to taste it!


"Sen Bridge Wellness owners Nicole and Jose are consummate professionals with a passion for health and discovery."

— Scarlett Joy


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We're proud to feature these hand-selected items for your ongoing health and wellness.

All products are available for purchase at our shop at the Salt Cave. We welcome you to place orders online for pick up, as we do not offer shipping at this time. THANK YOU!


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607 - 422 - 1110

101 Kofira Lane - Greene, NY 13778

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